Hidradenitis suppurativa Healing Deodorant

There are a handful of personal care products that I make, mostly for myself; however, this is one for the books.

I have suffered with hidradenitis from my youth into the present. While there are some solutions to help alleviate the pain, the issue is generally ongoing and can last throughout a lifetime.

I went to the doctor, took antibiotics (minocyclene) for quite some time while also having monthly injections into the sores themselves. This did help some, but it was nearly impossible for each instance to be treated, as they showed up quite frequently in my youth. In adulthood, I still have problems with them but no longer take any medication or the injections, as the outbreaks have tamed down over time. There is hope!

I have recently started using my own natural deodorant. Over the years, I have had a battle with finding the right deodorant. Some felt uncomfortable, some made me break out, some absorbed too far into my arm pit’s pores causing an added potential for future clogged sweat glands (which is the cause of hidradenitis). In response, and with some experimentation, I made my own deodorant featuring zinc oxide. This is a huge win for hidradenitis. We want to wear deodorant that is good for our skin while stabilizing odor. We’re wearing it anyway, we might as well wear something day-to-day that is of multi-functionality.

My deodorants are $4 plus shipping (if you are interested). facebook.com/UniQCreate

This recipe is simply too good to keep for myself. If you are a DIYer, and would like the recipe I would be more than happy to post it for you.