Intro to My Weight Loss Journey


Why buy handmade jewelry (handmade goods)?

I don’t allow many things to cross now days.. but when i do it’s specific. In this case, it is very light and gratifying.

How do you feel about what you are buying? How do you feel shopping for eggplant when you barely eat vegetables. It can be hard to interpret what some are expressing. It’s also smart to consider that you have to have patience to learn the craft. It costs money and specific planning, then we have to sell it. It’s worth it if you see the value.

It starts by carefully choosing your selection. Just try it. It doesn’t hurt to browse a handmade artist’s booth at the local farmer’s market regardless of your interest in purchasing. This is part of the experience of life; they want you to see what they have been doing. Artists spend 1000s of hours creating special (not to mention intricate) works of art.

It’s also important to realize that some face life’s challenges through their art and some earn a living by selling their art.

Have a heart and mind connection while purchasing handmade jewelry. Let it be a special place in your life.

Detox Week

Binge eating is an out of control behavior. Binge eating is addiction. You gotta get that fix… ‘Cept…. The majority don’t feel better after they’ve annihilated and filled their stomach to capacity, in fact, there really is little to gain by being fat and eating too much. Everything is negative other than  the pleasure of flavor, and many times we may not even fully enjoy or taste the food; we are merely stuffing our faces.

Bring yourself to feel better. Irrelevance to my past of uncontrollable hunger through fighting and fighting food cravings, there eventually is a slowing point and now a form of self-control.

Take out one week for yourself and fix it. Fix it right. Detox. All these flashy and sometimes expense weight lost products are mostly garbage. You can find some type of good is most anything, but be cautious. I made my detox week simple; here’s how:

Rule Number One: Drink only water! Check online for a water intake calculator that is based upon your weight. I weight 240 lbs and I am supposed to drink around 160 oz of water which is 5 of my large 32 oz. water bottles. Buy a special water bottle that you love. …or any ole water bottle will do. You can always decorate it with nail polish or whathaveyou. Remember, you’ll be carrying this with you everywhere you go. 

Day Number 1: Only eat vegetables. Have you ever had a terrible day at work that seems to drag on FOR-EVER? Yep… Suck it up, don’t eat that butter cup. You’ll make it.

Rule Number Two: Never eat anything until you drink a full 8 oz of water. Just chug it down; it won’t take long. Not only does this help with digestion, but it also puts a barrier between you and your food. Allowing that pause makes your food even more enjoyable.

Days 2-3: Keep a high intake of green vegetables (or any vegetables, really). Add a sweet potato to your meal if you like or some fat-free cottage cheese ( I find that it doesn’t taste much different than the full fat type, especially if you buy name brand.)

Rule Number Three: If you are dying for sweets and addicted to carbs, adding fruit is acceptable, just don’t go overboard. Wait until AT LEAST day 4 (if at all possible.)

Days 4-7: Add a 3-4 oz portion of lean meat to each meal if you wish. (Portion control is key here.) Eat all the green veg to your heart’s content, add a root vegetable if you like (potato,carrots,parsnips) – this is great to turn to in place of rice, bread or pasta, just be sure to limit it.

P.S. You will lose weight by doing this. The part you won’t understand until you get there are the ways in which you will start feeling better.Remember: this only has to last for one week. However, you’ll want to keep going after you make it through this.

Before you know it, you’ve made it through the week and congratulations to you!

Most importantly… keep it simple. You’re trying something new.

I have new hopes…

Have you ever felt as if your electronics were working against you? I HAVE! Weight Watchers is mostly over except collecting a series of recipes for my personal use. I got sick of fighting the weight watcher’s app… logging me out multiple times per day, difficult to navigate; it wasn’t worth a fight. I asked for a refund due to app dysfunction; it wasn’t just me, this was discussed during my local weight watcher meeting.. nothing, no response. Plus i was prematurely charged for an extra month of which i had to request a refund.

On the contrary, I have lost a bit of weight. Seems that time and study have been the only things contributing to my change in eating habits. Also, I got into a drunken, screaming argument with a friend (relative by marriage). A ride home from a cop and waking up the next day, I had a head change.

I rarely drink… probably because sober me keeps my mouth shut. I am generally a friendly, helpful person, even while drinking. I barely ever leave home! There’s no need to excrement that type of energy ever but it had been a long time coming. I won’t be drinking much anymore. Sometimes a heavy event can change your whole mindset. This is proof. Maybe we do need a outburst every once in awhile. I feel I can barely eat after that occurrence.

Shouldn’t have happened; glad it happened in the way it did. Nonetheless, I haven’t been craving sweets like I used to. I am going to take full advantage of this opportunity to hold this mindset and FINALLY lose the weight.

Weight: 240-ish
Goal #1: 200 lbs



Joseph’s Lavash wraps are a lifesaver. I’ve been eating them for quite some time now, but as I transition, it puts a huge smile on healthy living.

From the deep roots of Armenian culture, I feel honored to have found this production and packaging on my grocer’s shelf. Even though it was brought to me far from its origination – not to mention inauthenticity, name brand and factory processing – it adds a depth to my healthful plate of mind.

High in protein and fiber, these monsters are 10″ x 14″ – Helluva wrap! Enjoy.

Come and Go

My plan settles into the background while I sit down with chili filled cheese and crackers. The next couple days of spaghetti were no less fortune filled while I gobbled my way through multiple bowls and a box of garlic bread. I failed again.

Astral projection and some empty space later, I find my threshold, then a pot of chicken soup. Hearty. Vegetable. Simple. This, not any less contribution, led me to the supermarket – a sale – to find a one day markdown on Simple Life brand (organic, natural line of food) of chicken breasts and power greens. JUST. IN. TIME.



SO easy

I promise not to rave over and over about how fucking easy weight watchers makes portion control and regulating my eating habits. It doesn’t feel right but I’m going to let it fix me – the consumption part of me, anyway . My perceptions could be based upon my troubled eating past… if you’ve followed along you see the difficulties I’ve faced. It was a non winning battle in my mind. I have to maintain this simple path is the key.

Without thought I would cook a pot of chili, eat multiple bowls of it plus a roll of crackers and a cup of cheese and say fuck it. I’ve added a couple cans of extra stewed tomatoes, cut the crackers, threw out the cheese and that puts me on a roll. The high protein/fiber content lowers the consumption to a minimal level. Eat chili – put hamburger in it (WHO CARES!). I can eat two to three cups of it and that’s acceptable. Acceptable not only by calorie count, but also by consumptive quantity. I have to feed my HUGE appetite.


Early December Chili
Thursday, December 1, 2016

2 lbs Ground beef (drained and squeezed)
Two large cans crushed toms
Three small cans stewed tomatoes
Two cans kidney beans (drained)
One can (one hot one mild) chili beans
2 onions

1 green pepper

4 jalapenos (can’t find the n-yey)
Chili powder and cumin