Rainbow Carrots

I don’t really like to know aboutĀ things… I like to understand things, know the definition of words, collect concepts and observe new technology. I find that many or most things can be reached or accomplished by a multitude of different pathways, as we observe in life. I like to leave it that way.

Health and weight loss is no different. You can break it down into categories or plans and and put a name on it, but it all sends you to YOUR goal. I say do what makes you happy, that’s why I gave up for three days 5 days into my new diet: I had to reprocessĀ why I wanted to lose weight in the first place, and after knowing you want something so bad and giving into the temptations that reverse the exact thing you want … really makes that garbage food redirect the pathways.

I felt sick. It felt like I put poison in my body. I forced myself to live with it even though I felt miserable… one last time before I fix it.

I bought some rainbow carrots … not a usual purchase but it did just the thing to get my mind going in new directions. Orange, purple and white. I washed them, cut the ends off and left half of the peeling on each one to see if it changed the taste (it didn’t). I steamed them, plated them and sat down with my knife and fork where I cut the large ends into small bits, and ate the small end with my hands. I made these three carrots plus about an ounce of chicken that i was preparing for chicken salad tomorrow be enough to eat for the time being… I’ve never done this before! Seems ridiculous to me, but hey, we never get anywhere new if we don’t make new choices.