Why buy handmade jewelry (handmade goods)?

I don’t allow many things to cross now days.. but when i do it’s specific. In this case, it is very light and gratifying.

How do you feel about what you are buying? How do you feel shopping for eggplant when you barely eat vegetables. It can be hard to interpret what some are expressing. It’s also smart to consider that you have to have patience to learn the craft. It costs money and specific planning, then we have to sell it. It’s worth it if you see the value.

It starts by carefully choosing your selection. Just try it. It doesn’t hurt to browse a handmade artist’s booth at the local farmer’s market regardless of your interest in purchasing. This is part of the experience of life; they want you to see what they have been doing. Artists spend 1000s of hours creating special (not to mention intricate) works of art.

It’s also important to realize that some face life’s challenges through their art and some earn a living by selling their art.

Have a heart and mind connection while purchasing handmade jewelry. Let it be a special place in your life.