SO easy

I promise not to rave over and over about how fucking easy weight watchers makes portion control and regulating my eating habits. It doesn’t feel right but I’m going to let it fix me – the consumption part of me, anyway . My perceptions could be based upon my troubled eating past… if you’ve followed along you see the difficulties I’ve faced. It was a non winning battle in my mind. I have to maintain this simple path is the key.

Without thought I would cook a pot of chili, eat multiple bowls of it plus a roll of crackers and a cup of cheese and say fuck it. I’ve added a couple cans of extra stewed tomatoes, cut the crackers, threw out the cheese and that puts me on a roll. The high protein/fiber content lowers the consumption to a minimal level. Eat chili – put hamburger in it (WHO CARES!). I can eat two to three cups of it and that’s acceptable. Acceptable not only by calorie count, but also by consumptive quantity. I have to feed my HUGE appetite.


Early December Chili
Thursday, December 1, 2016

2 lbs Ground beef (drained and squeezed)
Two large cans crushed toms
Three small cans stewed tomatoes
Two cans kidney beans (drained)
One can (one hot one mild) chili beans
2 onions

1 green pepper

4 jalapenos (can’t find the n-yey)
Chili powder and cumin





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