Rearrangement of Thought

Rolling into Thanksgiving, there is hope. On the brink of insanity in the world of food, I’ll give it another day before I pull back the reigns. My thoughts – through study of any addiction – say that you’re not ready until you’re ready. Absent from any health issues and oblivious to the pink stamp around my middle, I will add my true desires in regards to being thinner to my thought pattern.

Cut. Paste. I’m bogged down by feeling full and I want to feel lighter. I’m breaking into my own mind and inserting my new bikini. Seems impossible – it’s not.

In my case, there are many factors that contribute to my struggle with weight loss. The true nature of why so many people eat so much is to self-medicate. Taking away “thus medication” requires me to find another way to medicate my mind. It’s not exactly a trade either. Food isn’t just new thinking, it’s new feelings. It’s an adjustment. Don’t be so hard on yourself.


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